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Who are
The answer to this  
question will soon be
common knowledge
as medical schools
race to open
Assistant programs
and Hospitals
throughout the
United States begin
nesthesiologist  Assistants are highly skilled, Knowledgeable,  
Master degree earning members of the anesthesia care team who
with their impeccable safety records work side by side with Certified
Registered Nurse Anesthetist's (
CRNA's). The Anesthesiologist
Assistant functions as a specialty physician assistant under the
direction of a licensed Anesthesiologist.  The Anesthesiologist
Assistant's responsibilities, in the hospital setting are identical to the
CRNA.   The Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine approved
the first Anesthesiologist Assistant license in Florida at their recent
meeting, held March 31, 2005.  The 2004 Legislature passed
bill 626 and was signed by Governor Bush in June 2004.  The bill
the licensing of Anesthesiologist Assistants in Florida.  
Florida is considered a key state in regards to the licensing of
Anesthesiologist Assistants throughout the country.  Due to this recent
approval from the boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine the
doors are now wide open for the remaining US states to follow suit. - Real People. Real Information.
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The Nation's 7th AA Program! Case Western Reserve University -
Master of Science in Anesthesia Program - Houston, Texas
Genetic testing
Kentucky AA Study Released : Kentucky Legislative Research
Commission "A Study of Anesthesiologist Assistants"
VA Adds Anesthesiologist Assistants to List of Qualified Anesthesia Providers
How safe are Anesthesiologist Assistants compared to CRNA's? A four
year study in Cleveland
, Ohio's University Hospitals comparing Anesthesiologist Assistants and CRNA's
safety records showed that the two professions were virtually identical.  The Medical Center conducted the
research study over four years (1999-2003) and studied more than 46,000 cases involving Anesthesiologist
Assistants and CRNA's (23,0000 cases each). They concluded by stating, "Complication rates were no higher
for Anesthesiologist  Assistants than CRNAs."
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What schools offer

As of now there are six schools
which offer the Anesthesiologist
Assistant program.  The newest
University to offer the AA  
profession is the
Southeastern University
Tampa Student Educational
Center in Florida.  The second
newest AA program is

University of Missouri,
City, with its first class in 2008.
Currently educational facilities
throughout the United States
are racing to begin their
programs.  The four educational
programs which are currently
graduating  Anesthesiologist
Assistant's are:
Nova Southeastern University
in Davie, Florida
Emory University in
Atlanta Georgia;  
South University in Savannah,
Georgia and
Case Western Reserve
in Cleveland, Ohio.  
What procedures are Anesthesiologist
Assistants most likely to perform?
Anesthesiologist Assistants also known as Anesthesia Assistants (AA's)
are commonly employed in facilities that perform procedures such as
neurosurgery, transplant surgery, cardiac surgery and trauma care
and more.
What states do Anesthesiologist Assistants
currently work?
Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAs) also known as Anesthesia
Assistants currently work in eighteen states and that number will grow
to equal CRNA's in the near future.  These states with their current
legislation are:  
Florida, Georgia, Colorado, South Carolina, North
Carolina,  Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio,Oklahoma,
Vermont, District of Columbia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Texas,
West Virginia
and Wisconsin! Please check with your state's
Anesthesiologist Assistant medical practice act if your state is not
represented above!
The text  below is only to be used as a suggested
guideline for the Anesthesiologist Assistant (by
University of Texas)  -
Read Texas AA Press Release

1. Suggested Qualifications of an Anesthesiologist Assistant
also known as (Anesthesia Assistant). The delegating physician
should require that the Anesthesiologist Assistant (Anesthesia
Assistant) provide evidence, satisfactory to the physician, of
his/her qualifications, including but not limited to the following:

A. Successful completion of a training program accredited by the Committee on
Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (
CAAHEP), its predecessor
agency (CAHEA), or successor agencies.

B. Successful completion of 60 semester hours of college courses, other than
the above referenced training program, which courses would be acceptable, at
the time of completion, for credit on a bachelor of arts degree or a bachelor of
science degree.

C. Successful passage within three (3) attempts of the National Certifying
Examination for Anesthesiologist Assistants as administered by the National
Commission for Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants (
NCCAA) or its
successor agencies.

D. Successful and current completion of the Advanced Cardiac Life Support
program as administered by the American Heart Association or its successor

E. Successful completion of NCCAA (or its successor agencies) CDQ and CME
activities as required to maintain NCCAA certification.

F. Submission of a standard evaluation form, used for all Anesthesiologist
Assistants, indicating training, practice experience, character references,
delegating physicians, etc.

G. Submissions of evaluations from all prior employment as an Anesthesiologist
Assistant and from all training programs.

H.  Any other information which is deemed necessary to fully evaluate the individual.
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Did you know
the federal
(Department of
Defense and the
Department of
Veterans Affairs)
authorize the
use of
practice under
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2. Functions and Duties of an Anesthesiologist
Assistant/Anesthesia Assistant:

A. Individuals who meet the definition of an Anesthesiologist Assistant under
(1) above may engage in the following functions and duties delegated to them by
properly qualified supervising anesthesiologists.

B. There shall be at all times a direct, continual and close supervisory relationship
between the Anesthesia Assistant and the supervising anesthesiologist. The
supervising anesthesiologist shall, at all times, be responsible for the activities of
the Anesthesiologist Assistant.

C. A written job description, signed by the Anesthesiologist Assistant and
supervising anesthesiologist(s) must exist which delineates the medical tasks
and services, which the Anesthesia Assistant may provide. Within the framework
of the written job description, the Anesthesia Assistant may engage in
the following functions and duties:

1. The Anesthesiologist Assistant shall provide delegated medical services within
education, training, and experience of the Anesthesia Assistant. These
services may include perioperative patient evaluations as well as delegated
teaching and research functions.

2. The Anesthesiologist Assistant may administer anesthesia under the direct
supervision of a qualified anesthesiologist.

3. The Anesthesiologist Assistant/Anesthesia Assistant performs initial
CPR/ACLS in life threatening situations as directed by a physician or protocol until
the supervising anesthesiologist arrives.
AA Program
Did you know
have been
practicing safely
for over 30 years?
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Anesthesiologist, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Anesthesia Assistant, View of the Drager Medical monitoring system
Anesthesiologist, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Anesthesia Assistant,Green vs. American Tobacco Company
4. The Anesthesia Assistant initiates multi-parameter monitoring prior to
anesthesia or in other acute care settings.  Modalities include, but are not limited
to, ASA Standard Monitor arterial and venous catheters. The Anesthesia Assistant
may manipulate and interpret data from central venous, pulmonary artery and
intracranial catheters and other monitors devices that are indicated. The
Anesthesiologist Assistant administers the prescribed anesthetic with particular
attention to the cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic health of the patient. The
Anesthesiologist Assistant may administer drugs commonly used in anesthetic
practice by protocol or as directed by the supervising anesthesiologist.

5. The Anesthesiologist Assistant/Anesthesia Assistant may utilize advanced
treatment modalities to effect the prescribed anesthetic plan; these may include
but are not limited to advanced airway interventions, including intubation of the
trachea; starting and adjusting vasoactive infusions, administering vasoactive and
anesthetic drugs, administering blood and any other treatment modalities
prescribed by the supervising anesthesiologist and within the training and
expertise of the Anesthesia Assistant.

6. An Anesthesiologist Assistant is prohibited from performing medical services,
procedures, functions or activities, which are not specifically listed in the
Anesthesiologist  Assistant's job description.

3. Prohibited Activities and Functions for an Anesthesiologist
Assistant/Anesthesia Assistant:

A. Any medical service, procedure, activity or function not specifically enumerated in
the written and signed job description is prohibited.

B. Anesthesiologist Assistants/Anesthesia Assistants are prohibited from
representing themselves as physicians, anesthesiologists, or physician
assistants. Recommended nomenclature is: Anesthesiologist Assistant.

4. Supervisory Requirements for Anesthesiologists:

A. The Anesthesiologist to whom an Anesthesiologist Assistant ( Anesthesia
Assistant) is responsible must:

1. hold a current, unrestricted license to practice medicine in the State;
2. be engaged full time in the medical specialty of anesthesiology; and
3. be certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Bureau of
Osteopathic Specialists in anesthesiology.

B. Supervision of Anesthesiologist Assistants by Non-Anesthesiologist Individuals
not meeting the criteria stated in Section 4(A) are prohibited from supervising or
delegating tasks to Anesthesiologists Assistants.

C. Patient Choice

1.  Except under emergency circumstances, the supervising anesthesiologist is
responsible for informing patients that they will receive anesthesiology care in the
team mode, which includes the use of Anesthesiologist Assistants, and that the
physician may not be present in the operating room at all times but must be
present in the operating suite.

2. If the patient so wishes after having been informed of the use of
Anesthesiologist Assistants, the supervising anesthesiologist(s) shall offer a
personally administered anesthetic by a physician or referral.

D. Supervisory Ratios

1. Except under emergency circumstances, the supervising anesthesiologist may
not concurrently direct more than four anesthesia services or simultaneously
supervise more than a combination of four (4) certified registered nurse
anesthetists, Anesthesiologist Assistants, or anesthesiology residents.

5. Responsibility for Compliance with Recommendations Anesthesiologist
Assistants (Anaesthetic assistant) have no legal standing outside the general
provisions of their State's Medical Practice Act dealing with delegation of duties. As
such, the primary responsibility for maintaining the standards set forth in this
document will lay with the supervising anesthesiologists and the credentialing
committees in the involved facilities. While the Board has no formal mechanism to
monitor Anesthesiologist Assistant practice at this time, reports of deviations from
these recommendations may be investigated, at the Board's discretion, as
violations of the appropriate sections of the State's Medical Practice Act. The
supervising physicians remain ultimately and completely liable for all acts of the
Anesthesiologist Assistants, which may lead to disciplinary action.
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Did you know
in a recent data
Assistants were
recognized for
impeccable safety
record which
equaled that of

This one's for you Granddad. Love, Chris
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Did you know that...
are currently
working in
sixteen states?
And this number
increasing rapidy!
Did you know...
have the potential to
earn  $100,000.00 to
150,000.00 annually
plus bonuses
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How do Anesthesiologist Assistants and CRNA's
compare as members of the
Anesthesia Care Team?  The
Anesthesiologist Assistant and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist have virtually  the
same responsibilities and
salary.  The Anesthesiologist assistant and CRNA side by side
comparison can be viewed at ( Note that the Anesthesiologist Assistant
profession is currently evolving and the viewable chart may obtain information that is out
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Anesthesiologist Assistant, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Telemedicine, Telehealth, Anesthesiologist Assistant
Anesthesiologist, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Anesthesia Assistant, Drager Medical Ventilator
to meet the growing shortage of Anesthesia professionals.
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